The Most Nurtured (TMN) is a community-based organization that promotes holistic wellness which is created by and for Black women.   

TMN is an understanding that "survival of the fittest" is not the most accurate articulation of how to move through life.

In contrast, TMN is an acknowledgement that to truly thrive and survive within society we must be nurtured, loved, celebrated, validated and accepted. 

Through community-based initiatives, we create and cultivate opportunities through which Black women can become the most nurtured versions of themselves. 


To support Black women to become the most nurtured versions of themselves, and truly reflect the radiance of themselves and their communities. 

To foster safe, culturally-responsive, anti-oppressive and accessible spaces where Black women can learn from each other, build social support networks and create strategies for survival. 

To nurture the social, physical, mental, spiritual, sexual and environmental aspects of our wellness. 

Who we are 

Founder and Owner


Taïna Mayberry

Registered Social Worker, M.S.W


Born in Haïti and raised in Canada, Taïna is the founder of The Most Nurtured (TMN). 

Taïna is a Registered Social Worker (M.S.W) with over 7 years of experience in community programming, workshop facilitation and direct services to a diversity of populations in Ontario and Québec. Taïna uses anti-oppressive, trauma-informed and strength-based practices to inform her work.  

Taïna grew up in predominantly white spaces and didn't see her identity reflected, respected nor accepted in most of her environments. Through ongoing experiences of racism and a growing appreciation for community and chosen family, and skills built through education and work in the social service field, Taïna became motivated to create accessible safe spaces in Toronto where Black women could feel free, heard and nurtured. 

Through TMN, Taïna also hopes to push forward in her own self-care to finding growth and strength in vulnerability. 

Taïna is deeply appreciative and honored that you are here to join her on this journey towards community building, inclusive spaces and fostering strength within Toronto.